If expanding your user base is key to achieving your organization’s goals this year, you may be preparing to implement a new user acquisition strategy. There are many ways to incorporate new techniques into your current processes, and your plan may ultimately be as unique as your business itself.

Regardless of your organization’s size or industry, there are a few methods that everyone can depend on for tangible results. Whether you’re focused on growing the user base for your app or your site—or both—it’s best to start with a tried-and-true game plan rather than trying your hand at the uncertainty of trial and error.

Remember, you don’t want to get stuck with tunnel vision. As you develop your user acquisition strategy, be sure to factor in robust new account fraud detection tools. Start planning with this list of three surefire means of expanding your user base without inviting attacks from bad actors.

Pursue App Store Optimization

If you want people to find, download, and regularly use your app, ASO is a must. Start by optimizing all elements of your app store description. The keywords, name, and subtitle you choose all impact how users discover your app and whether they choose to download it.

It’s vital to choose the correct category for your app as well and update it as necessary. Uploading a video to the app store can also help you rank higher. When selecting keywords, check the reviews you can find on competing apps—it can be valuable for finding new keyword variations.

Solicit Reviews From Existing Users

You feel confident investing time and resources into promoting your app or website because you know users will benefit from your services. PPC marketing is popular for good reason, but some of your most effective promotion comes in the form of reviews from your existing users.

There are different strategies for asking your users to write reviews, and the best method can depend on each individual. The last thing you want to do is burden them with an unnecessary pop-up. But with a well-timed request, you’ll benefit from a collection of positive reviews written by users who genuinely value your services.

Invest in New Account Fraud Detection

In a perfect world, you could promote your app and enjoy an influx of new users without worrying about potential pitfalls. Unfortunately, our world is full of digital threats, where a well-coordinated fraud ring attack can seriously impact even the largest business.

You don’t want to get stuck trying to put the pieces back together. Any way you slice it, it pays to invest in robust fraud detection tools. But not all fraud detection software is created equally.

To defend your organization against ever-evolving threats, you need cutting-edge technology. The leading fraud detection tools use the power of behavioral intelligence. These tools don’t rely on questionable PII when authenticating new users. Instead, they passively read your users’ digital body language as they interact with your forms. That means you get early warnings of risky behavior associated with fraud to stop threats before they happen.

By catching fraudsters at the point of attack, you can secure growth for your organization and expand your user base with confidence.

About NeuroID

Expanding your user base in the face of online threats can be intimidating. Still, you can’t afford to be deterred by bad actors. NeuroID offers groundbreaking technology and innovative tools to help you get the job done. With NeuroID, you can secure growth in the digital space without falling victim to fraudsters. Using the power of behavioral analytics, NeuroID reads a user’s digital body language as they interact with forms on your site to spot signs of fraud. ID Crowd Alert™ from NeuroID allows you to monitor digital identity at scale. It visualizes crowd-level behavior and provides alerts about fraud ring activity, bot attacks, and more. NeuroID also offers their ID Orchestrator™ tool for rapid, accurate identity orchestration. With NeuroID, you can navigate the digital identity crisis and stop would-be fraudsters at the point of attack.

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